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Foxley, Herefordshire; Leek, Staffordshire; London;

Covenant by the Reverend George Horatio Davenport of Foxley, Herefordshire, to James Searight of 7 Eats India Avenue, Leadenhall Street, London,  merchant,  for the production of deeds relating to Dieulacresse Abbey Farm Estate, Leek, Staffordshire. The document is dated 16 August 1871 and contains a short schedule of deeds dating from 1829. Signed by Davenport and witnessed by his butler.

Davenport; Searight; Hincks; Daintry; Holyoake; Draper;


Newark-on-Trent, Nottingham; Lincoln, Welbourne, Lincolnshire;

Indenture, dated 29 September 1761, between James Milnes of Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire and Dorothy Cartwright of the Close, Lincoln, spinster, granting a annuity of £47 per year in return for a payment of £632.  The annuity was secured on the rents of two messuages and 8 closes of land amounting to 47 acres and 70 acres of arable or heath land then in the holding or tenure of Robert Fysher two other closes containing 20 acres, occupied by Richard Welby, esquire, all of which was in Welbourne, Lincolnshire.  All the property had been bequeathed to John Milnes by his uncle John Milnes.

Milnes; Cartwright; Fysher; Welby.


Stamford, Lincolnshire;

Lease for 21 years from 29 September 1843 of several pieces of land in the open fields of Stamford, by  Christopher Cookson, clerk, Warden of the Hospital of William Brown in Stamford, Lincolnshire, of the Foundation of King James the First, Charles Sanders, clerk,  Confrater and Twelve Poor of the same hospital to Richard Newcomb of Stamford, Lincolnshire, dated  30 December 1843. The property, formerly let to one Francis Butt,  consisted of a messuage formerly a barn, with yard adjoining, situated in Scotgate, St. John's Parish, Stamford,  late in the occupation of William Pilkington, and 15 acres of land, pasture and meadows in the precincts of Stamford, formerly in the occupation of John Merry.  For the lease, Newcomb paid the Warden £20 and agreed to pay an annual rent of £5.

A terrier of the property is incorporated in the document, which also carries the Warden's seal.

Cookson; Newcomb; Sanders; Merry; Pilkington; Bull; Torkington;


Astbury, Buglawton, Congleton, Cheshire; Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire;

James Ridout's of Leek (later Congleton) note book listing sales of silks to various customers 1828-to 1844 and household expenses for a house in Cheddleton, Staffordshire dated 1844 and 1862 to 1869.  A list of cost prices for various quantities of silk and costs of twisting, winding, warping, dyeing etc, are given for 1828-29.

Ridout; Drakeford; Jones; Brock; Ford; Harding; Chaddock; Lowe; Mellor; Brammer; Lawson; Slater; Riley; Latham; Heth; Nicholls; Brunt; Fynney; Henshall; Baguley; Heathcote;  Thompson; Lea; Pedley; Clarkson; Fearnyhough; Goldstraw; James; Jackson;


Epperstone, Winkburn, Knapthorpe,   Besthorpe, Caunton, Halam, Eakring,  Upton, Nottinghamshire; Clixby, Lincolnshire;

Schedule and valuation of Estates in the County of Nottingham belonging to the late Edward Valentine Pegge Burnell, esquire, prepares by Thomas Huskinson of Epperstone, Nottinghamshire, land agent and surveyor, 30th November 1878. The Total acreage amounted to 3937 0r  24 perches, returning a net annual rent of  £4308-13s-10d, with a Fee Simple Value of £134837 2s 0d. `The estate was in Winkburn, Knapthorpe and  Besthorpe in Caunton, Halam, Eakring and  Upton in Nottinghamshire and in the parish of Clixby, Lincolnshire.  The major portion (2362 acres 0r  38p) lay in the parish of Winkburn.

The surveyor mentions that the Osmanthorpe Estate, Nottinghamshire ( 159 acres 3r 30p) had been excluded from the survey because it belonged to Mrs Burnell for life.

General remarks by the surveyor mention that he had made deductions such as tithe and Land Tax charges and a 12.5% for repairs. The Nottinghamshire lands were clay lands and required expenditure on drainage whereas the Lincolnshire estate stood on predominantly dry lands the drainage outlay for which was "inconsiderable". Huskinson went on to say that "the actual outlay upon the estates during the last 20 years which I have been agent has considerably exceeded the charges of 12.5% and 10% which I have deducted".   The estates included 304 acres of woodland, chiefly underwood of Ash and Hazel, in  which were planted Oak trees.

Burnell; Huskinson; Battersby; Bates; Burrows; Caudwell; Elston; Foster; Hayes; Greenwood; James; Lewin; Machin; Milbourn; Noton; Percival; Petch; Preston; Rawson; Rhodes; Rickett; Sanderson; Setterington; Smith; Walstowe; Cheetham; Smith; Herrod; Whittaker; Willey;  Challinor;


Tinkersclough, Hanley, Staffordshire;

Two printed memos on paper headed Bednall & Heath, Tinkersclough, Hanley dated 27 December 1882 and 23 April 1883 and addressed to Messrs Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffordshire. Both relate to something Bednall & Heath had purchased from Oldfield, Sykes and Goostrey on the 1st January 1883. Bednall & Heath were earthenware manufacturers.

Bednall; Heath; Challinor; Overfield; Goostrey; Sykes;


Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire;

Extract of the surrender in Court of the Manor & Forest of Macclesfield, by Randle Smallwoood of Macclesfield, goldsmith on 24 October 1732-33. The property was a messuage in Sutton, Cheshire, near Macclesfield or Sutton Mills and commonly called Brundreth's House and Field, formerly in the possession of Ellen Brundreth afterwards of Mary Barton (widow of Richard Barton late of Macclesfield, chapman) and now the wife of Samuel Killingbeck of Macclesfield, yeoman, and now in the tenure of Randle Smallwood.  The purpose of the surrender was so that the Steward could grant the property to Henry Hurst of Macclesfield, chapman so that "the said Hurst and Warburton" should be seized of the same for purposes to be laid down in Randle Smallwood's will.  A marginal note states " 30 May 1768 This parcel of land surrendered to one Bretnor".

Smallwood; Brundreth; Barton; Killingbeck; Hurst; Warburton; Bretnor;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Oncote, Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;

Examination of Joseph Shuffelbotham 8 November 1842.  Joseph Shufflebotham said that his grandfather's name was William who died in July 1818, his mother's name was Elizabeth and she died in January 1824.  Joseph Shufflebotham sold the house to Mr Gaunt in 1829 or 1830 and was given £30 for it -his wife signed the deeds.  Shufflebotham agreed with his mother that she was to receive the rents during her life   .. £4 and then used to give him something. After his mother's death received the full rent.  John Pool was the tenant at his mother's death - he was a dyer for Joseph Badnall - he went to Manchester.  Tenant 2-3 years after brother's death.  George Hambleton was tenant he is engineer for Gaunt's brothers.  James Bumper Lovatt was tenant he is now in possession.  Jospeh Shufflebotham never paid any rent  to any one and never paid to anyone.  Mr Griffin came and asked me to vote for Sir O. Mosley.

Edward Shufflebotham has been dead 9 years his wife now the wife of   ?  F. Compton thinks all the papers are destroyed.

William Shufflebotham his only brother living. Was a schoolmaster at Oncote.

J. Shufflebotham left Leek in 1833 and went to Macclesfield and remained there nearly two years - lived in Spout Street when he left Leek.

Shufflebotham; Gaunt; Griffin; Compton; Pool; Hambleton; Badnall; Lovatt;


Froghall, Leek, Stoke-on-Trent,  Staffordshire;

Letter, dated 24 March 1899,  from  George Hammersley of Springfields, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent to Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffordshire re a colour Mill on sale at Froghall the following Tuesday.

Hammersley; Challinor;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Letter from the Charity Commission, dated 5 October 1901, to the Trustees of the Town Lands Charity accompanying a copy of an Order of the Board (no. 2650 dated 13 September 1901) concerning the following Leek Charities: Badnall; Birtles; John Hulme; William Hulme; Thomas Jodrell; Roads; Town Lands and Watson.  The letter stated that  the Commissioners had decided to allow the number of additional Trustees indicated in the order.

Brealey; Badnall; Jodrell; Birtles; Hulme; Watson; Roads; Durnford;


Biddulph, Colwich, Leek, Uttoxeter, Wolstanton, Staffordshire;

[1] Copy conditions for the sale by auction at the Talbot Inn, leek, Staffordshire, of property late belonging to Mrs. Brentnall deceased -Lot 3 -Mr Daniel Colquhoun of Leek, silk manufacturer, on 6 july 1843.

[2] Certificates of baptisms  of Richard and George Etches and of the burial of Richard Etches 6 July 1813.

[3] Certificates of the marriage of Richard Etches of Leek, Staffordshire, wine merchant, and  Mary Salt of Biddulph, Staffs., 12 March 1795.

[4] Requisitions on Title  to a plot of garden in Leek, Staffordshire, with Mr Cruso's answers  re George Nathaniel Best to Daniel Colquhoun dated 24 August 1843. Heathcote & Hacker, Leek, Staffordshire;

[5] Copy certificates of the burials of Elizabeth Heinzelman (Uttoxeter 9 July 1839), Joseph Condliffe (Leek, 29 July 1839), Ann Marshall (Leek, 9 January 1840) Elizabeth Sparrow ( Colwich, 14 October 1841) and Mary Killmister ( Leek, 31 January 1842) -for Mr Colquhoun. Includes Mary Moreton (Wolstanton, 28 October 1842).

Brentnall; Colquhoun; Hacker; Keates; Cruso; Salt; Etches; Sleigh; Rowley; Partington; Best; Pratt; Hulme; Condliffe; Heinzelman; Marshall; Killmister; Sparrow;  Moreton; Rider; Hodson; Smith; Tyson;


Leek, Hanley, Warslow, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Hartington, Derbyshire;

Office copy extract from the will of Mrs. Elizabeth Haywood  late of Leek, Staffordshire, wife of John Haywood of Leek, nurseryman deceased, dated 7 November 1800. It contains a clause from a marriage settlement in which (for the purposes of the settlement) she granted to Eli Cope and Henry Jones their heirs and assigns "all that capital messuage or dwelling house situate and being in Leek, on the west side of a certain street called Spout Street together with the  yard and garden lying behind the same theretofore in the possession or occupation of Thomas Hollins deceased and then  of me"  The house and land had formerly been part of the estate and inheritance of Harry Lankford, merchant who became bankrupt  and were were afterwards sold and conveyed by Messrs Glover, Wright, Daintry and Greaves his assignees and the said bankrupt to Thomas Hollins who by his will devised the same to me…" Two pews (No. 11 at the West end of the middle aisle and No. 23 in the middle aisle) also went with the house.  Haywood's will was proved 19 August 1801 by John Haywood, Eli Cope and Henry Jones and the effects were sworn under £5000. The extract was examined by William Fell, Deputy Registrar on 8 August 1859.

Haywood; Hollins; Lankford; Glover; Greaves; Daintry; Cope; Wright; Jones;  Bagnall; Grindon; Bennett; Bassett; Lomas;


Bosley, Cheshire; Bakewell, Marston, Derbyshire; Alstonfield, Leek, Longsdon, Meerbrook, Middle Hulme, Swythamley,  Staffordshire;

Letters and other items relating to the family history of the Brough family of Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Letter dated 24 February ? From Mary  ? at Highbury,  to  Edwin. This mentions (amongst other things) the marriage of Thomas Brough and Edith Brindley of Kingsley (probably about 1698); deeds in Edmund's possession of earlier date than 1572.

[2] Letter dated 18 November 1874, from Mary  ? at Highbury,  to  Edwin. In which she mentions her grandmother -Mary Hulme-"traces through Robert and his second son William, the father of Job, grandfather of James her father.

[3] Note stating "The ancient and honourable family of Brough for a considerable time before, and at the time of the Commonwealth-was possessed  in its several branches, of property in the parish or neighbourhood of Leek, Kingsley, Tunstall, Froghall, Mayfield, Hem Heath, Stone and other places in Staffordshire and Derbyshire".  The Christian names general in these branches were Thomas, Edmund, William, Michael, John, Robert.

[4]  Memos from abstract of title of John Davenport's freehold estate called Windgates and also inscriptions on stones in the new part of St. Edward's churchyard. 

[5] Notes of Brough marriages, baptisms and deaths 1578 to 1735. Also includes extracts from deeds.

[6]  Outline family tree from John Burgh and Johanne 1545 to W.S and M children of Joshua Brough, J. R  and E children of James Brough and Edwin, son of John Brough. Joshua, James and John were sons of John Brough and Mary Hulme.

[7] More detailed family tree starting in 1564 with Robert Hulme of Tittesworth, Leek, Staffordshire. A note at the end states "From pedigree worked in the register ….. 11 Vincent 133 College of Arms 1828.

Brough; Hulme; Brindley; Davenport;  Rhodes; Anthony;  Trafford;  Ruddiard; Clowes; Armitage; Mayott; Jolly; Goodale; Heathcote; Unwin; Whitney; Rod;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Items relating  to Leek  schools etc.

[1]Arthur Nicholson's notes re a meeting concerning "Wakes" 5th August 1883. Appears to relate to the fixing of dates for the  Wakes Week holidays for workers in Leek, Staffordshire, with comments by Nicholson, Gibson, Shufflebotham, Pilkington, Robinson.

They appeared to be trying to find an alternative to Whit week when the weather was cold and Shufflebotham suggested  the first Friday in August and the three following working days. Newall and  Sykes also made comments but they don't seem to have reached a conclusion.

[2]  Minutes of meeting at the Nicholson Institute on 18 July 1890. Present: J. J. Ritchie, Chairman, Rev. W. A. Wright, A. M. Spilsbury, John Hall, A. Nicholson, D. Papillon, Mr Morrow. Topics mentioned include Midsummer and Christmas holidays.. The arrears of "Children's Pence" and in particular the migration of scholars leaving school pence in arrears.

Nicholson; Wright; Ritchie; Newall; Sykes; Gibson; Shufflebotham; Pilkington; Robinson; Hall; Morrow; Papillon;


Endon, Horton, Leek, Staffordshire;

[1] Indenture, dated 11 April 1707. between William Grosvenor of Leek, Staffordshire, mercer, Katherine Grosvenor of Leek, widow,  in which Katherine, for various reasons, granted, sold and released to William Grosvenor,  a moiety of that capital messuage,  or tenement with appurtenances  in Leek aforesaid called the Moor House now in the holding of  William Grosvenor, and a moiety of all the barns, stables outhouses, gardens, orchards, courts, yards, folds, curtilages  and hereditaments belonging and a moiety of all those closes  pieces or parcels of  lands, meadows and pasture  in Leek".  She also granted and sold to him a moiety (half) of the tolls,or other profits of the fairs and markets at Leek and of the liberties and privileges of setting up stalls and standings in the said markets and fairs, etc.  Plus a moiety of four messuages in Leek in the holdings of Ralph Tomkinson,  Richard Toft,  Ellen Badder alias Barther, Mary Gibbons, John Gibbons,  William Gibbons,  and Thomas Gibbons with all the associated (named) lands. This deed also mentions the Endon property and the deed by  William and Thomas Jodrell granting the property to them.


[2] Indenture, dated 9 June 1722, between William Grosvenor of  Leek, Staffordshire, physician, and Nathan Sutton of  Leek,  (devisee of Thomas Sutton late of Leek, gent deceased). It states that "whereas William Jodrel of Leek (deceased) being seized of all that capital messuage,  or dwelling house called Moor House near Leek and four other messuages or dwellings in Leek and of several pieces of land, meadow, pasture or arable  and wood ground to the same belonging called by the several names…and the tithes of a messuage at Endon  called Lane End and of the Tolls, pickage and stallage and profits of fairs and markets at Leek, he the said William Jodrel did by indentures of lease and of release bearing date 28 September 1701 and by other  proper conveyances, etc,  grant, release, etc, for good and valuable consideration all and singular the above mentioned messuages, lands, tithes and tolls, etc, together with all the tithes of all other messuages, tenements, lands and premises of him the said William Jodrel and of his brother Thomas Jodrel in the Township of Endon and Manor of Horton etc, to Thomas Sutton  father of the said Nathan Sutton and to William Grosvenor".  In his will dated  13 August 1711, Thomas Sutton bequeathed his estates to Nathan Sutton and his heirs whereupon Nathan Sutton and William Grosvenor became owners in common of the property mentioned above.  They subsequently agreed that it would be to their mutual advantage to make a partition of division of the property.


The partition was such that Nathan Sutton and his heirs were to occupy and enjoy forever, in full satisfaction of his part of the agreement, all those four messuages in Derby  Street, Leek, Staffordshire now in the holding of John Bagnold, Sarah Toft, Samuel Bate and John Goostrie and their undertenants and also one stable or piece of building newly erected and adjoining the house where John Bagnold lives and  now in the holding of Job Wheildon and a croft at the back of the house where John Goostrie lives which is now in the holding of Nathan Sutton. Sutton's share also included many of the fields mentioned above, a half of all the tithes and a half share in all the pews in the parish church associated with the property.

William Grosvenor's share of the property was the capital messuage called the Moor House with several fields including Pickwood Yeld,  Middle Heys, 3 Days Math, Horsepasture, Longlands, Well Croft, Brands Meadow, Nicholas Croft,  Bands Close and the Nearer Heys,  the tithes thereof together with a half of all the other tithes. Grosvenor's share also included all the tolls, pickage, stallage, and profits of the fairs and markets of Leek and the rights and priveleges thereto belonging.

Sutton; Grosvenor; Bagnold; Jodrel; Goostrie; Toft; Bate; Whieldon; Bostock; Fernihough; Tompkinson; Badder; Barther; Gibbons;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Agreement, dated 12 April 1907,  for the dissolution of the partnership between Messrs Herbert Gould and William Hough both of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers trading as Gould & Hough. Gould was to pay Hough £74-10s on Hough's retirement from the business in full discharge of any claims by Hough for a share of the stock, book debts etc.

Gould; Hough; Gwynne;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Lease, dated 28 November 1887,  by William Young of  Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, to the Leek & Moorlands Industrial Provident Society Limited of a house, shop and premises on Overton's Bank, Leek, Staffordshire, formerly occupied by Mrs Dorothea Heathcote and now by the said Society, for 14 years at an annual rent of £20. Stephen Malkin, President of the Society  signed for the Society and applied its seal.

Young; Malkin; Robinson; Heathcote; Challinor;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Lease, dated 13 November 1861 by Mrs Elizabeth Wardle of Leek, Staffordshire, widow,  to  James Hassall of Rosebank Street, Leek, overlooker, Thomas Farren of Wellington Street, Leek, weaver, and Charles Merritt of Ball Haye Green, Leek, joiner, of a house and premises on Overton's Bank, Leek, Staffordshire, formerly in the holding of the said Mrs Elizabeth Wardle and recently in the holding of Mrs Dorothea Heathcote, for seven years at an annual rent of £20.  George Young of Leek, currier, was one of the parties to the agreement.

The agreement gave Hassall, Farren and Merrittt the liberty to  convert as much of the house "as is underneath the Swan Inn Assembly Room" into a shop and to divide this from the rest  of the house and to cut and open another front door in the part of the house not under the Assembly Room.

Wardle; Young; Brough; Hassall; Merritt; Farren; Shaw;


Leek, Lowe,  Staffordshire;

Copy, draft, conveyance by  Herbert Trafford of Portland House, Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, John Mountfort Johnson of Ball Haye Street, Leek, Doctor of Medicine and Reginald Thelwall Longden of High Barns, Leek, architect,   to George Charles Wardle and Horace Townley Wardle of Leek, silk dyers, a plot of land at Leekbrook in the Parish of Lowe near Leek, Staffordshire, dated 29 September 1927. The purchase price was £100. The land sold was 3 acres 0r 38 perches of Big Birchall Farm and an attached plan shows its position adjacent to the Leekbrook Dye Works and between it and the Railway Cottages and line.

Trafford; Longden; Johnson; Wardle;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Agreement between Edwin Trafford the elder, of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, and Edwin Trafford the younger, of Leek, butcher, dated 29 December 1879.  Edwin the younger had agreed to become surety for Edwin the elder to Parr's Bank for an amount not exceeding £70. As a guarantee or security for this Edwin the elder gave Edwin the younger his promissory note for £70 and interest at 5%.



Congleton, Cheshire; Bullclough, Leek, Stanhope, Staffordshire; London;

Receipt by John Gaunt, dated 19 May 1827,  for the title deed to several estates at Stanhope and Bullclough, Staffordshire in the respective occupations of Widow Massey and Widow Gell, had been delivered by him that day to Messrs Rogers Towgood,  Olding and Company, banker, London in pledge to secure to them the repayment of all or any money they might advance or pay on or to the account of Messrs Gaunts Bankers at Leek, Staffordshire and Congleton, Cheshire together with all interest due.  Document includes a schedule of the deeds dating from 1803.

Gaunt; Massey; Gell; Towgood; Rogers; Olding; Fowler; Molineaux;


Leek, Wolstanton, Staffordshire;

[1] Election by the executors of the late A. J. Worthington of Leek, Staffordshire, to continue capital in the partnership business of silk manufacture, dated 12 March 1874.

[2] Memorandum by the executors of the late A. J. Worthington of Leek, Staffordshire, supplemental to the election by them to continue capital in the copartnership, dated 30 December 1874.

[3] The estate of the late Andrew Jukes Worthington of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, deceased, December 1873 to June 1886.

[4] Memorandum of an interview with Sir Thomas Wardle, dated 7 December 1908.

Worthington; Wardle; Adams;  Tatton; Bold; Nixon; Potts; Matthews; Brindley; Lowe; Hudson; Brealey; Taylor; Gailey; Heaton; Baskerville; Eaton; Wirgman; Copeland; Finley; Hornblow; Dickson; Gent; Hollingsworth; Jolly;Rousillon; Poole; Palmer; Tampier; Wolff; Stern; Nassaner;  Mellor; Gaunt;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Agreement on prices  by Bobbin Manufacturers carrying on business in Leek, Staffordshire, dated 10 November 1899.  Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire. The document was signed by Henry West Brassington for Henry Brassington, Isaac Creighton, Jabez Matthews, for himself and John Matthews, and Matthew Swindell.  It includes a general list and also a list of special prices for materials supplied to Messrs J & V. Myatt, Messr H. Sleigh & Co., and Messrs Harris, Sanders & Pilkington.

Brassington; Matthews; Creighton; Swindell; Gwynne;


Northampton; Leek, Staffordshire;

Lease, dated 15 January 1810, by Samuel Tibbits of Northampton, (surviving executor of Richard Bullock, gent., deceased, mortgagee of the premises) and  Sarah Sutton, Mary Sutton, Thomas Sutton and George Pratt of Leek, Staffordshire, silk merchants (owners of the premises)  to William Harrison  of Leek, mercer, of  premises at the bottom of the Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire, for 14 years at a an annual rent of £54. The premises consisted of a house nearly opposite the Market Hall with yard and outbuildings behind, then occupied by William Harrison and three houses at the back of and adjoining the first,  formerly occupied by  Elizabeth Braddock and others but then by William Harrison, Samuel Clowes and Ellen Bould. The document is unsigned and unsealed though it carries a stamp. It was never valid therefore.

Tibbits; Bullock; Sutton; Pratt; Braddock; Harrison; Clowes; Bould;


Pilsbury, Derbyshire; Grindon, Leek, Overton, Staffordshire;

Copy agreement between Thomas Phillips the elder, of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer and Joseph Gould of Pilsbury, Derbyshire, the executors of the late Hugh Sleigh (late of Leek, silk manufacturer, deceased, sole executor and residuary devisee of the will of Samuel Sleigh of Westwood, Leek, deceased), Misses Dorothy and Mary Sleigh and Mrs Catherine Whillock of the Ford, Grindon, Staffordshire, widow of Richard Whillock, and Thomas Rowley of Overton, Staffordshire and John Sleigh of Leek, silk manufacturer, the executors of the late Richard Whillock and Thomas Whillock of the Ford, brother and  residuary devisee of the late Richard Whillock, to refer the settlement of accounts and disputes to the arbitration of Mr John Cruso and Mr Sinckler Porter or Umpire.  Cruso, Leek, Staffordshire, 29 May 1811.

Sleigh; Whillock; Gould; Phillips; Cruso; Porter; Rowley;


Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;

Thirty one letters  (mainly from A & W. G. Fox, solicitors, of 53 Princess Street, Manchester to Hacker & Allen of Leek, Staffordshire) with relating to the firm Trafford & White, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire,17 August 1914 to 30 January 1915.

Trafford; White; Fox; Hacker; Allen;


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